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Caddies have a terminology all their own. Trying to understand the terminology used on the course can be an undertaking for the untrained ear. Here is a list of terms I have compiled from the web to help interpret the slang of the Loopers, Enjoy!


Aiming Fluid
Alcholic beverage consumed while playing
Adolf Hitler
Two in the bunker
Bag Rats
A caddy's term of affection for one another
Bag Snatcher
A caddie who aggressively pursues work
British term for a sandbagger or a player who consciously underestimates his playing ability with a bloated handicap index
Barbra Streisand
Ugly, but still working
An apron-like pullover uniform worn by caddies
Big House
The clubhouse
Black Dick
A cigar
A caddie who practices lurking in the parking lot to seek work from players as they arrive at the course
Playing worse than your handicap index purports
Caddie Collar
When a caddie gets a chafed neck from carrying around a very thin, wiry strap on a golf bag
Caddie Hole
Area in which caddies wait for work. Also refered to as "Caddie Yard" or "Yard" for short
Caddie Yard
Area in which caddies wait for work. Also refered to as "Caddie Hole" or "Yard" for short
Caddy Shack
A poor-looking or poorly-maintaned "Caddie Hole" or "Caddie Yard"
Captian Kirk
A shot that goes where no man has gone before
A wager, usually on a team or individual player to win a tournament
A golfer who will push the envelope of the Rules of Golf
Chinese Shot
A "way long" shot
A golfer who is a cheap player
A golfer whom is a poor player. Also refered to as "Hacks"
Cannabis or marijuana
Refers to the act of telling a player which club to hit
A putt required after the previous putt attemp goes beyond the hole
Condom Shot
It's a safe shot but it does not feel very good
A slow round of golf
Crotch Rot
The sensation one finds between their legs after walking many miles on a hot dat
Ball that needed one more revolution to go into the hole
Day in the Clouds
Working on a hilly course
When a players ball lies in a position where no favorable outcome is possible
Dead March
A painful round that never seems to end
Dental Floss Strap
A very thin, wiry strap on a golf bag
The short and better sounding version of the word, depressing
Player who uses smokeless tobacco, snuff
Dog Track
A poor unkempt golf course
Double Dip
A caddie who plays two rounds in one day, usually means 36 holes.
The act of a golf ball rolling into the hole
Spain-glish for get in the hole
A poor golfer
A golfer who disappears quickly after finishing a round
A handicap justified not by skill level but by shear egotism and delusion
Elephant Ass
It's a high shot and it stinks
F***, I'm still out
Flying Snakes
Errant shots from players who don't yell fore
Foot Wedge
Using the sole of your shoe to improve a players lie
When a caddie advances ahead of their player to watch tee shots or take part in extra-caddicular activities
A torturous cold temperature
Fried Egg
A terrible lie which occurs when a golf ball imbeds in a sand hazzard
A lucky shot which somehow works out, a substandard golf shot or performance
Weed, to smoke weed
A derogatory, racist term for blacks
Someone who works super hard regardless of pain or boredom
A golfer whom is a poor player. Also refered to as a "Chop"
Halfway House
The midpoint rest area, usually placed between the 9th green and 10th hole
Honor Caddy
A caddie classification for the most experienced of "loopers"
Inmates from the "House of Pain" who are outside caddies, not regularly employed at a particular course
Hot Dix
Hot dogs
House of Pain
Area in which caddies wait for work
Getting one-up'd or worked over
Pertains to something or someone top-notch
Lame, crappy, lousy
Jam Boy
The extra caddid hired who is covered in jam to attract annoying mosquitoes
James Joyce
A putt that is impossible to read
Jedi Master
A ball that is an O.B. one
Did not quite make it over the water
Johnny Cochran
A shot that must be played from such a terrible lie that only OJ's lawyer can save you
A strong drinker of alchohol
A full length caddy uniform also refered to as a Jumpsuit
A full length caddy uniform also refered to as a Jumper
The rough on the golf course
A garbage golf shot
Still a little chicken on the bone. Refers to a put that still has some distance before it is a gimme
Something crazy or someone who is obliviou, forgetful, or nuts
A loser
A putt that was all lip, no hole
A caddie that is old and been around for a long time
Linda Rondstat
"Blew by you". A long drive outdistances fellow players
A caddie who works the "Loop". Loop refers to one ciruit around the golf course or 18 holes
The cracks and spaces caddies dissappear into avoiding painful loops
Looping Fool
Caddie who holds the record for doing the most caddying per day, per week or per season at any particular course
Mickey Mantle
A dead yank
Michael Jackson
Gradually fading (going off line)
Military Golf
Left, left, left, right, left
An ugly shot that has got to the green
Nelson Rockafeller
"Dead in the hole" To drain a put from a considerable distance
Nancy Pelosi
Way too far left
Used to rejoice or to express pleasure
An attractive female who exudes sexual appeal
Nine Iron
Derogatory term for an asian
A shot you got away with
Paris Hilton
A very expensive hole
A derogatory term for white stiffs
Something that falls short of acceptable, mediocre and hackenyed. Commonly golf related.
Pee Wee Herman
Too Much Wrist
Refers to folks who have stoned themselves to forever
Golf balls
Place Kick
A small child, rugrat
A poorly maintained golf course
A golfer whom is a generous tipper
Princess Grace
Should have used the driver
Princess Di
Should not have used a driver
Someone too involved in a certain thing to objectively see how dorky they are acting
Someone who poses an overabundant, unneeded level of profesionalism, its apex is prodellix
Prom Putt
A putt that was all lip, no hole
Pure Ice
Delienating something awesome or extraordinary
Quench Wench
A beer cart girl
Red Face
An angry person or golfer
Desfribes anything of poor taste or repugnancy
Ride Pine
Waiting for a "loop", like riding the bench
To be in the state of anger, to humiliate or berate someone, even oneself
Rock Hudson
A putt which looks very straight, but wasn't
Rodney King
Over clubbed the shot
To site far too long waiting for the day's loop
Rush Lindbaugh
A bit too far to the right
A bag of clubs
Saddam Hussein
From one bunker into another
Sandwhich Bomb
The trick of applying sand to the base of a flagstick
Applelation bestowed pon professionals, regardless of country
Serve Out
Over doing it, someone who exibits dor-like over exubereance, knowledge or passion for a certain thing
Shop Rat
A caddie who shadows a pro in hope of gaining work
A tip / To tip
A tip from any quest(s) served
A sucky loop or event in one's day
Snake Charmer
Any golfer extemly talented with the flat stick
Son in Law
"Not what I had in mind, but it will do"
An unusually large clubhead, most ofter in reference to putters
A golf shot that lands directly in the hole
The splitting of tips between two or more loopers
An old archaic rule in match play, on the putting surface, when an opponent's ball sat on a direct line between the cup and the ball in play, hindering a clear path to the hole.
Sunny Bono
Straight into the trees
Super Looper
The Alpha caddie of the yard
Sweat Bath
Describes a hot and typically humid round of golf
Something sexually arousing or having lots of sex appeal
Swing Lube
Alcholic beverage consumed while playing to relax a golfer
Short for trash, a concise way to describe something repugnant or something lacking in taste or class
Tard Nectar
Pop culture for the masses
Ted Kennedy
Goes into the water and jumps out
Texas Wedge
The putter, when it is used from off the green
Wet Ass
To have moisture on one's buttock
A derogatory expression used to describe non-blacks emulating today's dumbed down, hip hop street culture. Can be described singularly as wig-dogs and plurally as wiggadí
Within The Leather
The process where players measure whether or not a putt of short length is good
Wood Butchers
A poor golfer
Area in which caddies wait for work. Also refered to as "Caddie Hole" or "Caddies Yard"
Yassar Arafat
Butt ugly and in the sand
A mental and physical sickness that afflicts golfers who intern miss short putts due to an inability to make a smooth putting stroke
Smokes, cigarettes / the act of smoking
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